3rd Law Breaching Tools

We have the following breaching rams available for purchase.  The Breaching Tools are available in three weights:

18 pound
25 pound
32 pound

They are also available with your choice of strike plate:

Non-Sparking HDPE Surface- The “Non Sparking” strike face features a 1″ thick HDPE (High Density Poly-Ethylene) disc mounted to the strike face. This HDPE disc mitigates ferrous on ferrous metals from creating a spark during the striking of the ram. This may mitigate fire hazard risk in an environment where sparks may ignite a fire from the manual breach.

High Abrasion Resistant Steel- The “High Abrasion Resistant Steel” strike face is literally bullet proof, it features target grade steel for a long lasting, incredibly durable strike face.


The breaching rams are available in green (police) or yellow (fire).

Easy to use!