Dynamic Fire Ram


Only available in Yellow.
and 25lb “High Abrasion Resistant Steel” strike face
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The “Dynamic Fire Ram”, is unlike anything thing else currently available on the market. It is a small, compact, stiff handled ram with a proprietary, patent pending core. The Dynamic Fire Ram harnesses Newton’s laws of motion. It has been designed using materials that are 40% heavier than steal, allowing for a more compact and portable design.
No more will your Breachers be dumping the ram at the breach point only to leave your Entrymen calling for it further into the crisis site.
The Dynamic Fire Ram utilizes a quick adjust, two point sling allowing the Breacher secure the ram while riding on the skids of a vehicle, a helo, or boat operations. It also allows the Breacher to carry the compact ram hands free during the foot movement, prior to the assault, leaving hands free for weapons or other breaching tools.
After the initial breach, the Breacher can simply cinch the ram close to his body, transition to a long gun, and continue the mission into the crisis site.
The Dynamic Fire Ram is perfect as a Patrol response to an Active shooter. Light enough for most Police Officers to operate, while using intelligent design to efficiently have enough “ass” to make a positive breach to effect the arrest, or to stop the active, ongoing threat.
The Dynamic Fire Ram comes in 25lb. One strike face option is available,  “High Abrasion Resistant Steel”strike face.
The “High Abrasion Resistant Steel”strike face is literally bullet proof, it features target grade steel for a long lasting, incredibly durable strike face.
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Face Type

"High Abrasion Resistant Steel" strike face


25lbs, 32lbs


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